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Pfannenfertig zerlegtes Natura Beef von zehn Monate alten Jungrindern vom Sihltalerhof.

Mischpakete in Portionen à 500g vakuumiert:

  • 5kg und 10kg
  • 1/8 Anteil Fleischgewicht (ca. 18 kg, je nach Schlachtgewicht)
  • 1/4 Anteil Fleischgewicht (35 – 40 kg)
  • 1/2 Anteil Fleischgewicht (70 – 80 kg)
  • Ghackets
  • Gschnätzlets
  • Braten

  • Siedfleisch

  • Gulasch

  • Haxen
  • Hohrücken
  • Saftplätzchen

  • A la Minute

  • Entrecôtes

  • Huft / Filet




  1. Annalisa Marchetti sagt:


    I live in Ticino and I would like to buy for my family your beef meat (5 or 10 kg pack each time). Is it possible? How it works? I can’t read German language, so I don’t understand your site.
    If you can help me explaning me how the system works (how to pay, how to choose the meat, how to have it shipped to Lugano), I would be grateful

    • sihltalerhof-admin sagt:

      Hi Annalisa

      Thank you for your request.
      Yes, it is possible to deliver you meat to Ticino.
      We were not able to contact you by email. Please make sure to give us your correct email address (or phone number) using this comment field. Your contact details will not be visible to other website visitors.

      We are looking forward to hearing from you.

      Kind regards
      Family Fässler